What is Live Casino?

live casino

Live casino combines the fun of playing online table games with the added thrill of playing with real dealers. While on the player’s end a live casino game might look similar to an ordinary online one (clicking buttons to place bets), the biggest difference is that the outcome of each round is determined by a real dealer, using real casino equipment such as cards and a roulette wheel. The gamer can even interact with the dealer during a live casino session, which gives the experience more of a social atmosphere.

Most casinos offering live casino will offer a good selection of table games and some more niche options such as baccarat or craps. They will also offer a large amount of tables with varying rules to choose from. The best live casinos will also have low minimum bet requirements, which means that players can try out the games with very little risk.

In order to run a live casino online, the provider needs to have a studio and a control room. The studio is where the live dealer is stationed and is usually equipped with multiple cameras that can capture various angles of the table and the card faces. Some studios are also equipped with a monitor that displays the bets placed by players. Moreover, the live dealer has their own screen to watch, which allows them to follow bets and messages from players in real-time.

Another important element of a live casino is the use of OCR software that converts the symbols and numbers on the cards or on the wheel into data that can be processed. This allows the software to recognise winners instantly and award them without any delay.

Lastly, most live casinos will feature a chat window where players can communicate with the dealer during a session. This can be useful for players who are worried about security or simply want to have a more personal experience. However, it is important to note that the dealer can only read the text in the chat window and cannot hear what players are saying.

When you are ready to play your first rounds of live casino online, it is recommended that you stick to a trustworthy website that has a licence and proper regulation. This will help you avoid scams and other problems. Additionally, the website should also have secure servers and advanced encryption technology to protect your personal details.

Once you’ve registered with a live casino online, you can enjoy the games at your leisure. You can use the same banking methods as you would at an ordinary online casino, including credit and debit cards. The games are designed by specialist companies with your playing experience in mind, so they will run quickly and smoothly across a wide range of devices. In addition, most live casinos have support teams available 24/7 to assist you if you have any issues.